Situational Awareness & Personal Safety Training

Our Situational Awareness Program delivers threat awareness and violence prevention. This training encompasses Emotional Intelligence, the Psychology and Physiology of Violence, reading Body Language, Decision Making under Duress, Threat Identification, and Understanding Instinctual and Social reactions. This training is a must for corrections/detention facility staff, health and emergency services, law enforcement, banking, retail, and any organisation where staff are required to interact with people unknown to them. We also conduct Personal Safety training workshops for universities, schools, and community groups. Our Personal Safety training covers situational awareness, developing safer habits, identifying dangerous personalities, and many other elements from our specialised Situational Awareness Program. While predominantly aimed at women and teenage children, this training will help you identify potentially dangerous situations and people prior to an incident occurring and will allow you to develop safer habits to reduce the opportunity of finding yourself unprepared for a dangerous encounter.
Please Note: The above are not self-defence programs; however if self-defence is something you or your organisation is interested in, we have several reputable partner organisations that offer these services. Please contact us for more details.

Leadership & Business Consulting/Training

Leadership is our passion! Our leadership programs cover the many aspects of traditional ‘people’ leadership that are often lacking when an organisation confuses ‘sales’ or ‘business’ leadership with the people skills needed to motivate and inspire teams. Our leadership programs help develop new leaders, elevate the skills of existing leaders, and focus on the philosophy of building legacy in organisations. Our packages include, Principles of Good Leadership, Conflict Resolution, Negotiation, Better Briefings & Presentations, Change Management, Developing Teams, Cross-Generational Leadership, Managing Stress, and Developing Continuity & Succession Planning. Our consultants have successfully led small and large teams in real-world environments across a broad cross-section of industries and bring both experience and credibility to any leadership training we conduct for your organisation.

Bespoke Training Development & Delivery

Do you have a training itch that you just cant scratch with off-the-shelf packages? We specialise in the development and delivery of unique training to address specific needs. Whether it be a call centre experiencing higher than average unplanned absences after taking on a new client, an agricultural equipment company looking to increase sales conversions, an industry body wanting standardised accreditation training for their membership, or a government organisation seeking to create a safer work environment for their staff, we can help. We research your industry to identify trends and best practices, conduct thorough needs analysis of your organisation, and use success stories from other similar industries to round-out our suggested training. Only then do we create a unique training package that is tailored to your organisation’s needs, and the demographics of your staff.

Team Building

Team Building can be used to both repair or reward teams, and we take a different approach to both. Our team building programs and activities can be tailored to suit your budget, available time, and outcomes that you’re seeking. Whether it’s an hours activity to break up a conference, a full day program to foster better cohesion within your teams, or an afternoon of challenging fun as a reward for your staff’s hard work, we have a team building activity/program to suit. We have a wide selection of indoor and out-door programs and can customise them to suit a particular theme or message if required. Contact Us for an obligation free discussion on how we might assist with your team building needs.

General Consulting

Our experienced management consultants have an impressive track record of advising senior executives in the public and private sectors, and have specific expertise in strategic planning, business improvement, process improvement, and designing and delivering transformation change. We listen to our clients to understand what they have identified as challenges, then take a dive deep into the business to identify core issues and strengths before we make any recommendations to align departments, review processes, organisational structures, set financial goals, and develop personalised systems so the business can operate well, and be set to grow and scale.

Holistic Approach

There is rarely one single contributing factor to an issue, and often what is thought to be the cause is not the cause at all. Have you heard the story of car that was allergic to vanilla ice cream? If not, Click Here. That’s why we think ‘big’ and conduct thorough analysis to identify all contributing factors to your organisations challenges, and then recommend appropriate training to address them.

Delivery Credibility

Utilising external trainers to deliver your message often gives additional credibility to the training material, regardless if its been developed in-house or externally. Whether the training is reiterating information known to your organisation or delivering something new, the use of external trainers is more likely to send a stronger message - especially when the training consultants have the real-world experience of our consultants, who can offer unbiased opinions and substantiate the training message with real-world personal examples.

Tailored Solutions

Lead Dog Australia provides tailored training and consulting solutions. We develop new ‘fit-for-purpose’ training, use existing training, or utilise a combination of the two to deliver a tailored solution to meet your organisation’s unique needs. Our training is relevant, interesting, and effective, and is designed to suit the demographics of your teams.

Our Clients Include:

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